This is a small selection of various examples, techniques and tutorials for Freeway [Softpress], See the 'Example Pages' below for a list of the various categories available, most examples can be downloaded as Freeway 4 Pro files.

These examples where created using Freeway 4 Pro unless otherwise stated.






The Categories






# PHP and MySQL examples with Freeway






Various PHP, PHP/MySQL examples ranging from very basic through to a small dynamic site built using Freeway.

The MySQL examples use external PHP scripts, the scripts and MySQL database dump files for these PHP/MySQL examples are included with the downloads.









# Using 'PHP easiForm' actions with Freeway - Tutorial






Very simple tutorial for using the 'PHP easiForm' actions in Freeway to create forms.

The images in the tutorial are from Freeway 4 but the easiForm script can be used manually with any version of Freeway pro under 4.









# Using 'easiCaptcha' and 'easiCaptchaM' with a Freeway form - Tutorial






torial for using the 'easiForm' actions with Freeway also shows how to add a captcha to your Freeway easiForm using the 'PHP easiCaptcha' action. See the 'PHP easiForm' actions tutorial






We now have Actions available to make things even simpler to add easiForm and easiCaptcha to your Freeway forms.









# Using an 'Form Element Styler' action with Freeway - Tutorial






Very simple tutorial for using the 'Form Elements Styler' action in Freeway.













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