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The following Freeway actions are available from easiBase, actions are zipped in a folder along with a readme file, if the action requires the ioncube loaders folder then there will be the option to download any actions with this folder. Unzip the downloaded file, read the READ ME file in the folder if there is one and double click the action to install it. If the action does not install by double clicking it then you can manually install it by placing a copy of the action only in the actions folder located at: 'Macintosh HD > User Home > Library > Application support > Freeway 4, 5 or Pro'. These actions are compatible with Freeway pro as outined below. [1]






PHP easiForm action suite & PHP easiCaptcha action (Freeway 6 pro friendly and updated for PHP 5.3 changes)






Buy easiForm actions and/or the easiForm & easiCaptcha bundle.






Action v1.49 (PHP easiForm v1.87, PHP easiForm Elements v 1.23b, PHP easiForm Errors v1.1, PHP easiForm Element Title v1.0b, 'PHP easiForm Echo Email v1.0b and PHP easiCaptcha v1.31b actions:






Note: You do not need to download the easiForm or easiCaptcha scripts to use these actions, the actions will create the scripts and Freeway will upload those scripts to the correct location on your server. The forms these actions are used on will create an alert, a license file can be purchased for each domain the scripts created by these actions are used on, uploading the license file will remove the alerts. easiBase domain license $20, easiCaptcha domain license $15 & easiForm/easiCaptcha domain license bundle $30






The 'PHP easiForm' action will install 5 actions, 'PHP easiForm' (page action), 'PHP easiForm Elements' (item action) and 'PHP easiForm Errors' (item action), 'PHP easiForm Element Title' (Item action v1.1b), 'PHP easiForm Echo Email' (Item action). (The current PHP easiForm action uses easiForm v1.87)






The 'PHP easiCaptcha' action will install 1 action, 'PHP easiCaptcha' (item action).











If you have no 'ioncube' folder on your server nor the easy actions then select to download Opt 1#.






Opt 1# Download both 'PHP easiForm' and 'PHP easiCaptcha' actions along with the 'ioncube' decoders folder. []






Opt 2# Download both 'PHP easiForm' and 'PHP easiCaptcha' actions without the ioncube decoders folder. []






Opt 3# Download the 'PHP easiForm' action suite along with the 'ioncube' decoders folder. []






Opt 4# Download the 'PHP easiForm' action suite without the ioncube decoders folder. []









In depth PDF - Download a pdf file that covers the PHP easiForm actions suite use, in depth explaination.






All the above actions include a READ_ME file with the download but there is a Freeway tutorial page here, this page also shows license costs, a Tell-a-friend tutorial here (Tell a friend needs an earlier PHP easiForm action, contact me if you need this) and there are also Freeway 4 example forms available that have been created using these actions. Don't let all the steps in the tutorials put you off, these actions are simple to use and implimant, the tutorial takes you through every step so to try and keep it clear for most users, the reality is that you can set up forms with the 'PHP easiForm' actions in minutes and these tutorials also list a Quick start for those that just want to get things up and running without knowing how it all works.

Select the set of examples you wish to download below: (No Tell-a-friend example as yet)






Download example forms created using the 'PHP easiForm' action suite. []






Download example forms created using both the 'PHP easiForm' action suite and 'PHP easiCaptcha' actions. []









Form Element Styler






'Form Element Styler' v1.58 action (Freeway 5 pro, Freeway 6 pro friendly):






This is a free action can be used to style your form elements in Freeway Pro, it is simple to use and it comes with a very basic READ_ME document if needed but can be used to style form elements including using images, margins and padding. There is a simple Tutorial and example page here. Basically you apply the action to each form element and set the style options, handy for element widths, heights and coloured borders or fills. (No ioncube loaders are needed for this action)

Note: Version 1.7 and above is not compatible with FW4, use the 'Freeway 4 pro' option for version 1.31b of the action.






Download 'Form Element Styler' action. (Freeway 5 pro and above) []









Download 'Form Element Styler' action. (Freeway 4 pro) []









Cell BG Colour On Rollover






'Cell BG Colour On Rollover' v1.31 action:






This is a free action that can be used to style table cells background colour in Freeway Pro using onmouseover and onmouseout, it is simple to use and it comes with a very basic READ_ME document if needed. Basically you apply the action to each table cell and set the 'On mouse over' and 'On mouse out' style options. (No ioncube loaders are needed for this action).






Download 'Cell BG Colour On Rollover' action. []









PHP Easy Reflections






'PHP Easy Reflections' v1.1b action:






This is a free action that can be used to create image reflections under the image the action is applied to. There are various options available to adjust the reflection to suite your image. Example page of action in use.






Download 'PHP Easy Reflections' action. []









PHP Dynamic Page Titles






'PHP Dynamic Page Titles' v1.1 action:






This is Softpress action that I added more function to for some of my own sites. I needed the action to be able to use a PHP Array variable, which v1.0 couldn't do fully, while editing the action for this I also added the ability to use the variable with an existing page title used in the Freeway inspector, so this action now allows the user to use a dynamic page title that overwrites any Freeway entered title or let you use a dynamic title before or after the Freeway entered title.






Download 'PHP Dynamic Page Titles' action. []









PHP error_reporting






'PHP error_reporting' v1.1 action:






This is a free action that can be added to php pages created in Freeway to handle some of the options available to the error_reporting and ini_set functions in php. This is used for showing or suppressing certain errors related to using php.






Download 'PHP error_reporting' action. []









Having problems?






If you are having problems using these actions then Contact Support giving us as much information as possible and we try and resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

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