Tutorial: Using easiGallery v1.1 with Freeway 




What do I need to use easiGallery with Freeway?






Using easiGallery with a web site made in Freeway is no different to using it with any other web site, this page will show you what to do to use easiGallery, then how to add a simple link to the gallery from within a Freeway web site. We only create a simple link on a mock up Freeway page to demonstrate this, you would need to do the same but within the Freeway web site you want to link to the easiGallery.

1# A copy of easiGallery

Download the easiGallery files: Download Demo | []

2# The server you place the easiGallery scripts on needs to have PHP installed, if you want easiGallery to create images on the fly then PHP will also needs to have the GD library installed and activated. (If PHP is installed then you will probably find that the GD library is installed also). If easiGallery is set to use the GD library and it is not available then the images will be loaded directly from the 'easiGallery_images' folder.

3# You need a page or web site where you will place a link to easiGallery.

4# An 'ioncube' loader file to decrypt the easiScript, the loader used depends on the system and server type that the easiScript's are used on, if this sounds like Martian to you then don't worry....
The default download of easiGallery includes the loaders needed for both Windows and Linux servers
, if you need a loader for another server type such as OSX, FreeBSD, Solaris or other then those loaders can be downloaded from the ioncube loaders download page. If you are unsure as to which loader to use you can Download a folder that will check the loader you need, or if you are having problems you can Contact us.

5# A copy of Freeway - Softpress

It can take as little as a few minutes to set up your Freeway web site to link to eaasiGallery, even for the very inexperienced.






Step 1: Add the text that will link to the gallery:






Start by adding the text you want to use as the link to your gallery, you can see in the image to the right we us the text 'Image Gallery'.


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Step 2: Open the hyperlink window in Freeway:







a. Select the text you want to link to your gallery.

b. Select 'Hyperlink...' from the 'Edit' menu...






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Step 6: Add the path or URL for the easiGallery gallery:







The text you enter here depends on where the 'easiGallery' directory is located in relation to the page you are using to link to it.

In our example we have placed the 'easiGallery' folder in the top directory of our server, the page we are using to link to easiGallery is a page that is also in the same top directory of our server, so the text we need to add to the 'Hyperlink' window would be the following:


Press 'OK' to close the Markup Hyperlink window.


If the easiGallery' folder is located further down the directories then the Hyperlink text might need to be:


If you want to link to the easiGallery from another web site outside the domain easiGallery is located on, then you should add http:// and the domain to the beginning of the URL:

http://the_domain/easiGallery/easiGallery_gallery.php or


An 'index.htm' page is included with the 'easyGallery' folder, so if someone dropped the 'easiGallery_gallery.php' from the URL the gallery will still load.







Step 7: Upload the files to server:






The easy way to use easiGallery is to just upload the whole easiGallery folder to the desired directory on your server, place some images in the 'easiGallery_images' folder, upload the web page/s with the link to easiGallery and you will have a working gallery, yes it really is that simple! but if you want to go to advanced mode then read on...

Note: the image to the right shows how the directory structure with easiGallery might look.

Upload the following easiGallery folder to the desired directory on your server using an ftp client, the easiGallery folder should contain the following files and folder/s...


index.htm (Optional but recommended).

easiCaptcha_license.php (Not available with demo version)


ioncube (Loaders folder).
easiGallery_images (This must be inside the easiGallery folder/directory, put your gallery images in this folder).

if you prefer to configure the gallery to your own preferences then open the 'easiGallery_config.php' file with BBEdit or other text editor and alter the variables as directed, save the changes. If you do not want to change any of the configuration then you do not need to open or even use the configuration file if you don't want to.

The 'ioncube' loaders folder can be uploaded to the 'easiGallery' directory, or if you are using more than one copy of easiGallery on the same server. or other easiScripts on this server you should place the 'ioncube' folder of loaders in the top level directory of your server, that way only one 'ioncube' folderwill be needed for all of your easiGallery and/or other easiScripts.






You will also need to upload your Freeway site pages to the server, this can be done using Freeway or an ftp client.






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You just need to make sure the 'ioncube' folder is in the path to the 'easiGallery' scripts folder so this can be located in the same 'easiGallery' folder, or at the top directory of the server as per our example here.

easiGallery will not handle a mixture of portrait format and landscape format images in the same gallery, images in the galleries used with easiGallery are best kept to one or the other, so if you have both types of images then you should create a gallery for each. The format created by the image dimensions set by the image sizes in the configuration file is what is used, so if you have a portrait images and the thumb sizes set to 100 wide and 75 high the portrait image will show in the thumb as landscape.

This is something that we will probably look at in a later version of easiGallery.









More Freeway 4 Pro examples here.

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easiGallery is a gallery with auto page navigation that you can add to your web site easily and quickly, you can have it up and running in the time it takes to upload the files and images.

You need no knowledge of scripting, in fact it is as simple as dropping the scripts and loader folder into your web site directory then adding a link to your web site pages.

This will probably be the easiest tutorial you will ever read, why? because easiGallery actually does all the work for you, there is no actual page creation needed in Freeway. So you ask... why a Freeway tutorial then? this tutorial simply shows new Freeway users how to create a simple link on a Freeway web site so they can link to easiGallery. No need for actions, easiGallery is simple to add and use with any version of Freeway pro or express.

easiGallery cost $20 *per domain (use as many galleries as you want on the same domain)

Note: easiGallery v.1.1 will now read .jpg .gif & .png files.







Have a look at: easiGallery Examples