Leisure business For Sale - Mijas Costa, Spain - October 2017



This is a business that has been running on the Costa del Sol in Spain since 2007 and has probably been the fastest growing business of this type on the Costa del sol over this period, this growth can be contributed to hard work and high quality of service offered by the owner of the company.

Are you thinking of starting a profit share pool table business in Spain? It will take you several years to become established and you will need to break into the industry wherever you decide to do it! You will need to cover earnings over the first several years as reasonable returns will not come in until you manage to build your business up, you will also need to get your name established in an industry where there already is competition... but you could save years of work and money by purchasing an already established business that has done all this hard work in becoming established sucessfully and is in a great position to grow even more if desired, a business that has established a reasonable number of profit share sites, private pool table sales and private table work saving you many years of work.

This business involves pool tables, football tables, digital jukeboxes and electronic dart machines along with various other machines on profit share at various sites 'bars and hotels' on the Costa del Sol between Sotogrande and Nerja.

All the machines except snooker tables have been purchased new since 2007 and are kept in top condition. Snooker tables where all purchased as restored tables since 2007 and are kept in top condition.

This business has also a very prominent web presence with a professional looking web site that brings in pool and snooker table sales to private homes along with maintainance work such as recovers, repairs, moving tables and erecting tables for private home owners. We also run a small local pool league throughout the winter months which also has it's own professional looking web site.

This business can generally be and is run by one person although a helper can be needed for assistance on fitting new tables or moving tables. Service calls are performed on 5 route days every 2 weeks, this gives 5 days in a 2 week period to undertake other work such as any maintanence work on profit share machines and/or private table recovers if wanted. Service calls could even be taken out to once a month as our competition do but we have been a company that have preferred to keep a top quality service and so we currently do our service calls twice a month.

We recently expanded into supplying digital jukeboxes and are currently the only company on the coast to operate a range of machines that include digital jukeboxes and who are also aprooved as a digital jukebox operator with the artistic rights body in Spain as is required by law to operate jukeboxes. Digial audio content is supplied through our UK contracted and Spanish 'artistic rights' aprooved music supplier.

If you are thinking of moving to Spain to run a business and where thinking of pool tables then here you have a company that has been established since 2007 with a good number of machines located, trade contacts and a reputation for quality not only on profit share but with recovers of privately owned tables along with a business web site that many businesses of this type would envy. More info on Business for Sale



This business consists of 160 machines with 125 located on October 1st, 2017

  • 97 pool tables (83 x Heywood Prince & Winner tables, 10 x Outback exterior tables, 3 x SAM American tables & 1 x Bar billiards table (All in outstanding condition).
  • 2 Snooker tables (full size and in good condition).
  • 6 Electronic dart machines (Full standing with lazer and monitor readouts, All in outstanding condition).
  • 16 x Foosball tables (7 x FAS Rainbows, 3 x FAS Sans Siro, 2 x FAS Striker, 1 x Presas 2000 & 1 x Sanchez Sierra, All in outstanding condition).
  • 3 x SAM Fastrack Air hockey tables (All in outstanding condition).
  • 17 x TouchHits digital Jukeboxes (All in outstanding condition).
  • 2 x Gotilieb Pinballs (Waterworld & World Soccer - In good condition).
  • 16 x Other machines such as kiddie rides, nuts machines and video games (The only machines that are not new machines apart from the snooker tables but all are in good to outstanding condition).
  • We are the only AGEDI licensed Jukebox operator on the Costa del Sol who also supply pool tables!



The business is open to offers in the region of 330,000 Euros (Three hundred and thirty thousand Euros).

The current owner would work with any new owner to show them the ropes if required. This business would be an ideal way of expanding an and already established business, it would also be suited to a person with an interest in pool and snooker.

If you are seriously interested in this business then please send the following:

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This information is regarding a Pool table business for sale on the Costa del Sol, (Leisure business for sale on the Costa del Sol). This pool company for sale in Spain is a unique oppertunity in that the owner keeps quality at a high standard, that includes the machines, servicing and relations with the company clients, something that is not the case with many other businesses of this type here in Spain.