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Most of our easiScripts come encrypted and a file is needed to decrypt these scripts, the file used for decryption is called a 'loader'. If you use any of the encrypted easiScripts then you will need to place a 'loader' file on the same server as the easiScript.

Q. Where do I get the loader from?
Q. Where do I put the loader?
Q. I have uploaded the ioncube loaders folder but get an error: The loaded is not loaded for my system?
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Where do I get the loader from?






Any downloaded easiScript that needs a loader will come with a folder called 'ioncube', this folder contains 'loaders' needed for most Linux and Windows servers but you can also download the loaders from the following links:









Loaders for Linux x68 server: Download



Loaders for Linux x86-64 server: Download



Loaders for Windows server: Download



Loaders for all: Download (49 MB)



Don't now which you need: Download









There are loaders available for server types such as OSX, FreeBSD and Solaris which can be downloaded from the IonCube web site loaders download page.

We do not include all the loaders for these systems in the 'ioncube' folder that comes with easiScript downloads because if we did then the loaders folder would be far too large, this is because it would contain a lot of files that wouldn't be needed for the majority of servers, we therefor just include the most commonly used loaders. In reality you only need one loader even though we supply more in the 'ioncube' folder that comes with every encrypted easiScript download, so if you know your operating system you could actually remove the loaders not relating to your system. Having loaders in the ioncube folder that are not needed is not a problem, the only dissadvantage is that they may take up a little server space. Relative Info






Where do I put the loader?






The loaders folder 'ioncube' needs to be in the path of your easiScripts, the best place is at the home directory of your server then no matter what directory your easiScripts are in the loader will be loaded, although the 'ioncube' folder could also be placed in the same directory as your easiScripts. The image to the left shows both the easiCaptcha scripts and the 'ioncube' folder in the top or home directory of a server. (Your home directory may be named different to 'public_html' as in this example).

Tip: If you are using more than one copy of an easiScript or different types of easiScripts then placing the 'ioncube' folder in the top directory of your server will avoid the need of using multiple copies of the 'ioncube' loaders folder as the one folder will surfice for all the easiScripts.

You will need to use an 'ftp client' to upload the 'ioncube' folder and easiScripts to your server.

Search Google for Mac ftp clients

Search Google for Windows ftp clients

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I have uploaded the ioncube loaders folder but get an error: The loaded is not loaded for my system?






You can check if the 'ioncube' loaders folder is located correctly and if it contains the correct loader for your system by entering this URL in your browser:


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I am having problems?






If you are having problems using loaders and this page cannot answer your needs then Contact Support giving us as much information as possible and we try and resolve your problem.

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