Freeway, php & MySQL examples - Passing php values






This example shows how you can pass php values from one page to another using php.






Enter your name and press submit




















Red Yellow




















Fast dry


















These examples are not tutorials in php or MySQL, they are simply to show users some of the ways of integrating php and MySQL within Freeway.

There are various php actions available from the Softpress Site which offer another option of integration of php and MySQL with Freeway, I have not shown any example of using these php/MySQL actions as I personally prefer not to use them. I tend to use includes for any code that is more than a couple of lines long and keep as much of the php scripting off the Freeway pages as I can, I find it much quicker and easier to mantain the code this way, many changes can be made without the need of opening the Freeway site, publishing and then uploading, unless of course I wanted to alter the page layout

Note the PHP Form action is applied to each element but it could have been applied once to the Freeway page rather than to each form element item.






Example created by Mike Brackenridge for use with Freeway 4.0 or above - March 2006


The following image shows what the above page looks like in Freeway [Without logo].

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